the space of a body

 sun on the wall.
(Excuse my Tuesday evening brain release.)

Do we know our bodies? What is the shape of your earlobe? Is pain the only thing that keeps us in touch with them? What does it mean to be trapped in skin?

"It is ironic that at the most superficial layer of the skin's intelligence network, dead cells organize to present our body image to the world." [Greenstein.]

What is the difference between a core and a container? Oh, Brancusi.

Marigold moons.

To-Do List of My Sanity:
1. Sleep.
2. Write.
3. Pray.
4. Create.
5. Love.

Things to Remember:
1. Remember the essential things.
2. Love materials.
3. Buy a thermos.

We the living are the dead.
We the dead are the living.
We are our mothers.
We will become our mothers.
We will die as mothers.
We will live as mothers.

This man makes good music.

If God had eyes, I think they would be purple.

[iPhone picture of the sun on the wall in my room]

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  1. I love you Jessina. and how you touch things.

    also the above reminded me of this song which I heard today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWf2oFoF-B4