flowing in both directions


This is a creative project I completed for a course on Biblical Bodies in the Old Testament. You can read my artist statement here. The audio recordings are not as high-quality as I would like (for lack of better equipment), but I am working with a professor to turn these scripts into a live reading and panel discussion at DDS at some point in the future.

I am spending some quiet days in my Durham apartment before packing up and leaving for the summer. The walls are bare and white now, and I am slowly moving all my books into boxes that are too heavy to carry down the stairs. Most of my friends have left for their field-education placements for the summer, so I am at loss with how to spend my time most days. I go on runs (attempting to train for that half-marathon), read some (currently: An Essay on Typography by Eric Gill), wander the farmer's market, spend too much time on the internet, and cook elaborate dinners for myself. Last night was golden beets, fennel, and kale with brown rice and feta.

Other things, lately:

A Few Good Reasons to Drop Out of Art School.

Gentler by Aaron Belz.

These cups from East Fork Pottery, one of which Anna gave me, and which I love.


on prayer | 15

"The fourth and last of our 'Christian essentials' is prayer, and in particular the need for us all to grow in prayer. Growing in prayer is not simply acquiring a set of special spiritual skills that operate in one bit of your life. It is about growing into what St. Paul calls 'the measure of the full stature of Christ' (Ephesians 4:13). It is growing into the kind of humanity that Christ shows us. Growing in prayer, in other words, is growing in Christian humanity."

(Rowan Williams, Being Christian)