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Derek and I left Iceland yesterday, him to return home, and I to continue on to Italy. But what a week! I am lamenting the fact that I do not have a wide-angle lens, because Iceland is all about the landscape and my 35mm lens doesn't always catch it very well.

But, for now, a few pictures from the beginning of the week + my favorite places in Reykjavik, mostly for my own memory's sake:

Reykjavik Roasters. By far the best coffee and best atmosphere. Also, the chai and the muesli!

Stofan Café. Another favorite. Both a kaffihus and a bar. Derek and I went here on our last night in the city to read and drink.

Kaffihús Vesturbæjar. A hip bar/café a little farther outside the touristy center of the city. A little noisy, and filled with very well-dressed Icelanders.

Cozy little house close to the sea. We stayed at this lovely AirBnB garage-turned-guesthouse our last night in the city. We both agreed we would happily live in a place just like this.

Hrim. So much of the downtown shopping seemed touristy and kitschy, but I really liked this small (and expensive) Scandinavian design store.


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Speaking of book design, I am all about these newly designed covers for five works by Flannery O'Connor, completed by Charlotte Strick and June Glasson. The Paris Review shows the sketch-by-sketch development of the designs and earlier editions' covers, as well. I think Mystery and Manners is my favorite redesign (and, perhaps also my favorite O'Connor book).


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I am in Washington D.C. for the day, and I made my way to the National Museum of Women in the Arts precisely to see a tiny exhibit on the fifth floor: Vanessa Bell's illustrations for Hogarth Press and Virginia Woolf (Bell's sister). There were probably only 6-8 books exhibited, but I love them all. 

Also, this, from Eric Gill

"That if you look after goodness and truth beauty will take care of itself, is true in both worlds. The beauty that industrialism properly produces is the beauty of bones; the beauty that radiates from the work of man is the beauty of holiness."