ten good things


it's been awhile since i've done this, but it's always a good practice:

01. HGM with jackie last night at haw river
02. a sunny saturday morning after a week of cold spring rain
03. friends that are moving to asheville so soon
04. lemon mint donuts after class on friday
05. compline from the book of common worship each night this week
06. knowing that all these papers will get done somehow, someday
07. morning walks in walltown alone with a mug of coffee and the birds
08. summer plans that i am freaking out about: iceland with derek and orvieto, at last
09. father martin's prayer for a. and i last sunday in the back closet of all souls
10. dorothy day and edith wharton and dreaming about summer reading

[photo for a project in response to francesca woodman]



Alfonse Borysewicz, Holy Thursday, 2009-2014, oil & wax on linen.