ten good things


The more I live the more I am convinced that gratefulness is a very good thing.

01. salted caramel gelato slathered between whole wheat oatmeal cranberry cookies
02. torunn's hospitality and kindness and dinner tonight at her apartment
03. anticipation for going home (oh how slow this week has been)
04. after-church conversations with people not in my age group
05. my lovely roommates and this cozy attic-space we call home
06. big parties, loud music, and quiet corners to watch and observe
07. friends who are not like me at all
08. people who ask questions and remove attention from themselves
09. warmer air and no coats today
10. sundays and bread and wine and grace that is not my own (which is, after all, all of it)

[picture of my great-grandmother bernadine pratt - isn't that a lovely name?]

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