rebekah & jeff


A few images from a dear friend's California wedding last October. I brought my camera along as some of the girls prepared for the day. All Honeywell Pentax / 35mm film.


sightlessness to sight


"We travelers, walking to the sun, can't see
Ahead, but looking back the very light
That blinded us shows us the way we came,
Along which blessings now appear, risen
As if from sightlessness to sight, and we,
By blessing brightly lit, keep going toward
That blessed light that yet to us is dark."
[Wendell Berry, Sabbaths 1991: V1. Given]

And so another year begins, and the feast of Epiphany approaches, the conclusion of the Cycle of Light. I am back in North Carolina, preparing for a final semester of school before graduation, trying to imagine what this next year may look like, or what it means to speak of the manifestation of God when in reality it seems so ambiguous. I want light, clarity, certainty, but I more often feel darkness, anxiety, and doubt, particularly recently.

Yesterday a friend mentioned something about what it may mean to walk in the dark, seeing that God created the light and the dark. And it was in "the thick darkness," after all, that Moses encountered God at Sinai: "The people stood far off, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was." I found some small relief and hope in her words, that perhaps this present anxiety is simply the blessed light that yet to me is dark.

[windowsill, honeywell pentax, 35mm film]