to sleep till the sun was high


Things, lately:
Emma Elizabeth Tillman's photography. (She makes me want to go back to New Orleans.)

"So the only natural (and not 'supernatural') reaction of man, to whom God gave this blessed and sanctified world, is to bless God in return, to thank Him, to see the world as God sees it and — in this act of gratitude and adoration — to know, name and possess the world." (Alexander Schmemann)

This petzval lens.

I am attempting to start a daily sketchbook, one page per day, whatever comes to mind. A professor recommended that on days when I feel uninspired, I ought to go back to an old page and do something else on top of what I've already done. Make a collage, draw geometric shapes, and so forth. We'll see how this goes. But I need a discipline like this in order to stay creative, and to remember how much I love it.

These books — The Power and the Glory, The Year of Magical Thinking, and Hannah's Child.

Duke Divinity School
so soon. Funny how that happens, how one day as a fourteen-year old sitting in a Catholic girls' school waiting to take the PSAT I imagine how I'd like to go to Duke Divinity School . . . and then one day I am actually doing it. I am grateful, more than I remember sometimes.

[holga 120, 135mm film, ernest hemingway's house last year]