ten good things


I usually do this when I need to focus on the good things (when the bad things seem overwhelming, I mean), but right now, I feel like I could type out a list of a hundred good things.

01. lunch today at chez panisse (especially the apricot galette)
02. the daddio, whose birthday is today, and for the way he loves so well
03. the lady who stopped me on the street to complement my ring
04. getting to do things I've always wanted to do, like going backpacking and going to yosemite
05. seeing the pacific upside down (the best way to see it)
06. staring at degas ballerina etchings in the underground museum collections
07. extraordinary hospitality from so many dear friends
08. handwritten letters
09. hope for what's ahead, especially the morning room and uganda
10. and this: "the way God still waits for us, beyond the limits of our fullest grace" (this poet)

[a film shot from our trip to point reyes]

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