ten good things

01. weekend with kendra and eight-straight hours of talking in the car
02. working with thomas, jamila, jeffrey, quedrith, and alyssa at the school for creative studies each week and remembering how much I love teaching (and these kids)
03. surprise afternoons at home alone with a book, and reading goals accomplished
04. the sense that durham is maybe, finally beginning to feel like home
05. this wonderful website about women photographers
06. this article on zadie smith
07. seventy-five degree weather in February, and drinking tea with austin on our front porch
08. yoga with ash and chandler at the YMCA
09. a day trip to richmond to visit candela books + the best pastries from sub rosa bakery
10. thinking and dreaming about what the rest of the year might hold for us

[35mm, A. at Eno River State Park]

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