iceland ii.


I think what surprised me the most about this country was how quickly and drastically the landscape changes, from pseudocraters to hot springs to waterfalls to black sand beaches to glacier lagoons to volcanoes. 

We worked our way around the island clockwise, starting north, before making our way back around to the more crowded southeastern edge. I liked the quieter and isolated fjords and peninsulas of the north much better; though after being in some of the most remote areas, there was always something relieving about returning to a small town, or seeing another car, or even just a farm in the distance. 

I will miss the lace curtains and trinkets in every windowsill, rhubarb jam spread on waffles, Olafur and Anna and the view from Berunes, skyr tart, that enchanting sense of isolation, Adult Jazz and Panda Bear on repeat, and endless time with Derek. I will not miss the smell of sulfur or staying in crowded hostels.

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