iceland i.

Derek and I left Iceland yesterday, him to return home, and I to continue on to Italy. But what a week! I am lamenting the fact that I do not have a wide-angle lens, because Iceland is all about the landscape and my 35mm lens doesn't always catch it very well.

But, for now, a few pictures from the beginning of the week + my favorite places in Reykjavik, mostly for my own memory's sake:

Reykjavik Roasters. By far the best coffee and best atmosphere. Also, the chai and the muesli!

Stofan Café. Another favorite. Both a kaffihus and a bar. Derek and I went here on our last night in the city to read and drink.

Kaffihús Vesturbæjar. A hip bar/café a little farther outside the touristy center of the city. A little noisy, and filled with very well-dressed Icelanders.

Cozy little house close to the sea. We stayed at this lovely AirBnB garage-turned-guesthouse our last night in the city. We both agreed we would happily live in a place just like this.

Hrim. So much of the downtown shopping seemed touristy and kitschy, but I really liked this small (and expensive) Scandinavian design store.


  1. what beauty! so glad you made it there- can't wait to see some of italy :) and I hear ya on the 35mm.

  2. thanks, michal ann! hope all is well with you.