ten good things


because small things grow great:

01. dried hydrangeas on my desk.
02. anna g. and chocolate ice cream and anna-buns.
03. a small white room with a big window. when i couldn't pray last semester, i just prayed for that.
04. indian food and oak park and glittering snow with a friend last weekend.
05. professors who are willing to come help you letterpress at 7pm on a friday night.
06. my night reading lamp. so much joy from such a small thing.
07. so many loved people coming a long way to help me celebrate my senior art exhibition.
08. drawing class, which i think will prove to be my favorite class of all time ever.
09. the scent of homemade granola in my hair. actually, sometimes that's a bad thing. right now it's good.
10. when peace comes unexpectedly.

and this song!

[winter anna, last year]

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