ten good things

 photo LittleHome6.jpg
01. icelandic chocolate and ginger tea on rainy afternoons
02. the privilege it is to have time to give to learning
03. new haven and megan and weekend travel plans so so soon
04. the golden leafy archway that now exists between the parking lot and the backyard
05. the all hallows eve service at all souls last night
06. learning aquatint in printmaking class at colombia
07. prayer time with destiney at night with the lights out
08. everything about professor samuelson, & celebrating the possible
09. a wee little poem published, even if just for kodon
10. that God is faithful, even when we are faithless

and this essay from simone weil on studying & prayer. so very good, and convicting.

and this annunciation by dieric bouts.

[wall from my summer room, which i miss]

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