ten good things

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01. waking up to cool air in the morning, and the last of september's summer sun
02. thinking about sally mann after the critique with bruce herman, and his gracious wisdom
03. getting to be a barista and making every latte an extra foamy one
04. biking to the french market on early saturday mornings
05. goat milk lattes with austin at heritage prairie
06. late nights in the ceramics studio
07. walking up blanchard lawn to get to class every day
08. banana coconut honey smoothies (the best combination yet)
09. bridgeport and new unexplored parts of chicago, and just the fact that i get to live near this city
10. father martin's voice when he leans over the altar rail and says, "the body of christ, given for you"

It is these things, and so many more, that I am needing to remember lately.

[from a house i'm intrigued by, down the road]


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