because they have to be


windowsill garden.
Some days you just have to plant petunias. On my way back to campus this afternoon I walked by the garden store and spontaneously bought these pink petunias: little reminders of my mother and little affirmations that faith is still sweet. I have been needing that lately. And anyway, it was on my list of goals to have a windowsill garden before the end of the semester . . . and now I have one.

Today I am grateful for energy, for dirt in my fingernails, and for these words:

"Faith is in you whenever you look
At a dewdrop or a floating leaf
And know that they are because they have to be.
Even if you close your eyes and dream up things
The world will remain as it has always been
And the leaf will be carried by the waters of the river.

You have faith also when you hurt your foot
Against a sharp rock and you know
That rocks are there to hurt our feet.
See the long shadow that is cast by the tree?
We and trees throw shadows on the earth.
What has not shadow has no strength to live."

(Czeslaw Milosz)

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