ten good things


February is for some reason (uh, winter) always a hard month. But here's to attention to grace:

01. sunday afternoons at this coffeeshop in geneva
02. words as instruments of thinking
03. my gracious and forgiving physics professor
04. the baby white orchid on my desk reminding me that spring will (must) come
05. scottcairnsscottcairnsscottcairns (might have just ordered every interlibrary loan poetry book by him)
06. coming back to my room yesterday and finding a vintage thermos on my desk from a dear friend
07. saturday morning prayer with brie on the white couch
08. things to look forward to, like california in a month (oh my soul)
09. that conversation with sally the other day
10. these words: "the law of the lord is perfect, reviving the soul" (psalm 19.7)

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