he made the dust live

Things lately:

This interview with the poet Christian Wiman. So many wise and humble words.

More wise words from a woman I deeply respect, on compassion and suffering with others.

Recent kitchen experiments: pumpkin black bean burgers and multigrain maple muffins.

This painting of the mocking of Christ by Heironymus Bosch.

Best way to recycle used coffee grounds: mix with a bit of olive oil, vanilla extract, and turbinado sugar and use as a rub on hands or feet. My hands feel so wonderful right now.

These words from W. Berry: "God did not make a body and put a soul into it, like a letter into an envelope. He formed man of dust; then, by breathing his breath into it, he made the dust live. The dust, formed as man and made to live, did not embody a soul; it became a soul."

And, goals for twenty-thirteen:
01. Read more fiction.
02. Go surfing.
03. Memorize this prayer and say it every day.

[holga 120 again, yellow wall at the gryphon]

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