ten good things


I had a day to myself in Old Town Alexandria a week or two ago and was mesmerized by the windows and the colored brick walls. This was one of my favorites. I think there should be more yellow in the world.

And some good things, because all is grace:

01. tonight: peas in teacups and red wine and the opening ceremony with d+a
02. the best best best package in the mail from emma
03. cappuccino and conversation on a sunny day with brie at st. peter's
04. jumping in puddles with mr. colin this morning
05. the most restful weekend away in alexandria + arlington with the sister
06. reading in bed each night (currently this, and re-reading this)
07. the barnes foundation, the rodin museum, and sigur ros (!) onnnnn monday
08. long walks with megan at dusk
09. a dinner date with just grandmother and me planned for next week
10. sketchbooks and watercolors and a quiet morning in a house all to myself

Also: these pictures of Iceland (gracious me), these illustrations by anna emelia, and this tattoo.

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