ten good things


grateful for all this. and more.

01. homemade cinnamon almond biscotti
02. wind on my face at dusk on an autumn evening
03. conversations on swing sets in the moonlight
04. walking through the baggage terminal and seeing my mother's face
05. sleep sleep sleep mmmm
06. a (rare) positive comment from my photography professor
07. cooking alone in a quiet sun-bathed kitchen
08. snuggling down in between my own familiar gingham sheets (they always smell right)
09. a little sketchbook from a dear friend
10. face to face late night talks with amy

one more day at home [a run with derek, apple picking, reading, shopping, walking in the woods?] - and then back to school. not sure if I am ready for another round.

and these words:

"Don't just do something, sit there.
And so I have, so I have.
The seasons curling around me like smoke,
Gone to the end of the earth and back without sound."
(Adam Zagajewski, from My Aunts)

oh, and these images + text.

[picture from last fall on campus]


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