cathedral of the moment


Tonight I am . . .

thinking . . . about the old testament reading that needs to be completed before tomorrow + whether or not I should double major + how much I miss the quiet silence of my morning room back home

listening . . . to the sound of majesty radio program for a music history class assignment + the civil wars

feeling . . . tired + overwhelmed about how busy the next few weeks will be + worried if I can really make it as an art major + grateful for sunshine today

planning . . . my course schedule for the fall + tomorrow's to-do list

reflecting . . . on the fact that perhaps what we need most to overcome temptation is not more willpower but more grace

looking . . . at my roommate's paris metro poster + the stack of messy papers on my desk + the dying yellow daffodils on my windowsill

wanting . . . my mind to burst with creativity for my sculpture project + to be more grateful + to know what I should do with my life + fruit leather

hoping . . . spring decides to come soon (please?) + I manage to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight + I learn to prioritize prayer again

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