life list


Just some things I want to do before I die . . .

001. Adopt a child.

002. Live in California for a little while.

003. Live in silence for an entire week.

004. Go camping and on a little wilderness trek.

005. Own a pet fish.

006. Run a 5k.

007. Take a cooking class. Or maybe go to cooking school.

008. Build an impressive sand castle.

009. Have an etsy shop.

010. Learn calligraphy.

011. Grow a large garden.

012. Live on the coast of Maine for at least one summer.

013. Go to graduate school or seminary.

014. Design and make a dress of my own.

015. Work as a nanny.

016. Cover the ceiling of one room of my home entirely with vintage maps.

017. Read all of Madeline L'Engle's published works.

018. Memorize an entire book of the Bible. (A shorter one will do.)

019. Live in Europe for a little while.

020. Participate in community supported agriculture.

021. Write a poem that is published.

022. Read the complete Oxford Book of English Verse.

023. Have a photography business.

024. Visit and stay in a monastery or convent.

025. Learn to speak Italian.

026. Go skiing.

027. Go to India.

028. Give a stranger an elaborate gift for no reason.

029. Become familiar with the city of Chicago.

030. Go snorkeling.

031. Volunteer at an orphanage for a little while.

032. Sleep outside one night.

033. Go on a multi-day biking trip.

034. Tutor a child.

035. Have a picnic on the Cliffs of Dover.

036. Live and work on a farm of my own.

037. Travel on an overnight train.

038. Plan a surprise weekend trip for my sister and mom.

039. Take a serious ballet class from a real dance studio for at least a year.

040. Watch all the movies on Derek's must-see list.

041. Go parasailing.

042. Get a professional manicure and/or pedicure.

043. Give someone flowers for no particular reason.

044. Go to Sierra Leone.

045. Have a surprise party for someone.

046. Work at a coffee shop.

047. Climb Half Dome at Yosemite.

048. Go surfing.

049. Write more (long) handwritten notes.

050. Live by a body of water and/or the mountains.

051. Own a nice bike and use it as primary means of transportation.

052. Feed a lamb.

053. Learn ceramics.

054. Be known for being on time, rather than being late.

055. Live in a chaotic house with a lot of kids.

056. Run a 10k.

057. Knit a pair of socks.

058. Go to L'Abri, somewhere, preferably Sweden.

059. Go to Istanbul.

060. Learn how to compost well.

061. Go to Iceland.

062. Go to Amsterdam.

063. Go to Greece.

064. Own a kayak.

065. Become more proficient at developing film.

066. Take a printmaking class.

067. Sketch more often, and keep a sketchbook.

068. Go to the airport and get on the next open flight to wherever.

069. Learn how to frame.

070. Work at a museum.

071. Learn how to skip rocks like Dad.

072. Go sailing.

073. Live in a small white room with a big window.

074. Meet regularly with a spiritual director.

075. Get a tattoo.

076. Learn to like kombucha.

077. Make bread on a regular basis instead of buying it.

078. Read fifty-two books in a year.

079. Make beeswax candles.

080. Be less judgmental.

081. Go to Glacier National Park.

082. Own a backpacking pack. 

083. Learn how to poach an egg.

084. Publish a cookbook.

085. Reach a point where at least 90% of my closet is from thrift stores.